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Students currently do not have a platform to post their educational accomplishments since it’s not “cool” to do so on Instagram. Academicly bridges this gap and allows you to connect with students in their language.
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Find the best-fit students

Comprehensive search with advanced filters using Academicly platform. We provide access to talented, diverse, and international pool of students by providing suggestions. Engage, discover and connect with students and adult learners across various ages, backgrounds and experiences.

From first-generation to students from disadvantaged backgrounds to aspiring graduates, students from all walks of life are using Academicly to tell their story.

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Modernize your communication

Reach out to students and high school counselor directly through chat. Using Academicly chat feature, students and counselors can reach out to admissions directly. This helps create a better relationship by communicating personally than letters.

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Foster your brand & stand out

Create engaging content for your followers to let them know your institution overtime. Post news, accomplishments, videos, and share interesting stories as well as events that align with your values from your university. This will help students be up to date and engaged.

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Keep track of everything

Academicly gives both students, guidance counselors and college representatives a place to keep track of student applications, letters of recommendation and transcript. Students will also be able to keep track of FAFSA, university events and application deadlines.

You can create events that will go straight to your students’ master calendars. We will notifiy students with upcoming university events, deadlines and holidays.

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Personalized data analytics

Academicly provides data and analytics on engagment, recruitment rates, followers of your university and total students who visits your university page.

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